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About PADI

The Professional Adult Development Institute – PADI is a newly formed organization, and was founded in May 2014 for the purpose of providing adult education, professional development training that will enhance skills in the areas of Science, Basic English, College Writing and Math fields to adult learners within the State of Rhode Island.  In addition, students are trained to become Home Health Aides, Customer Service Representatives and Office Assistants.

We provide professional development training to employers and staff who are committed to fostering team building, cultural diversity, communication and excellent leadership through our workshops and seminars.


PADI was founded by two ladies with the passion and desire to educate, mentor, and empower others in recognizing their potentials and achieve their individual career goals; understanding that each individual is unique with his/her individual strengths, and once given the relevant skills can become a productive member of our society.   

We are proud to be among the first all female immigrant founded adult education organization within the State of Rhode Island.  

Core Values

  • Empowerment: this skill allows an individual to believe in his/her ability to overcome their challenges and achieve his/her goals


  • Motivation: brings about the passion and drive to take the first step towards your goals

  • Self-fulfillment – realizing that fulfilling one’s dream can lead to the belief in one’s potential and self-fulfillment


Thus, “Enhancing Skills to Awaken Dreams”

Core Competencies

Our Core Competencies lie within our unique identity with the adult learner population and our passion and drive to motivate, and empower adult learners to succeed. The focus is on improving students’ skills in the areas of College Writing, Basic English, Science and Math thereby providing adult learners a chance to succeed in STEM focus careers at the university or college level.

Adult learners are better served by professional individuals who can directly relate to their varying circumstances. We can identify with the struggles and challenges of our population through our own individual experiences.

 Our ability to not only understand the challenges faced by adult learners, but to have also experienced similar challenges including – integrating into the American Culture, learning the Language, overcoming numerous educational barriers and become successful professionals in today’s world. 

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