Current Classes

Homemaker Training
Training is available in English & Spanish - Register Now!!
Start Dates for
Classes in Spanish:
August 3,2020
September 21, 2020
September 28, 2020
October 5, 2020
October 19, 2020
Start Date for
Class in English:
September 4,2020
Students will have the opportunity to employment at Elmwood Home Care Upon Completion!!

REW 2 Success

Hybrid Training

Start Date:

October 17, 2020


Saturdays 10a - 2p

Basic English

Fridays 5p - 8p &

Saturdays 10a - 2p

Start Date:


Resume Writing and Job Readiness

On going 

Mondays - Fridays 5p - 7p

Saturdays 10a to 12n

By Appointment

Basic Customer Service

Start Date: 9/14/2020


Online Contextualize Training:

Mondays 2p-3:30p

Math and Science Tutoring

To prepare students for the SATs. Students will receive group or individualized tutoring in the following topic areas:

MATH · Division, Fractions and Decimals · Ratio Proportions and Percentage · Linear Inequalities and Linear Functions · Solving Linear Equations; Interpreting Graphs, Tables and Equations Algebra and Algebraic Functions · Data Statistics · Operations and Polynomials/Dividing Polynomials · Exponential Functions, Equations and Expressions · Geometry; Trigonometry and Radians · Complex numbers

SCIENCE:  Matter, Measurements and Calculations; Electronic Structure; Solutions and Colloids; Acids, Bases and Salts; Organic Compounds;Proteins; Enzymes;Lipids; Alcohol, Phenois, and Ethers

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