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Workshops & Seminars Offered

Professional Development  Workshop


Designed to train staff/employees on professionalism, building a professional image, body language, communication skills, interpersonal skills and social identity in the workplace


Leadership Development Seminar


This Leadership Development seminar is designed to enhance the skills, knowledge, professionalism and competencies of individuals in leadership roles or looking to serve in various leadership capacities.  It aims to broaden participants view on various leadership strategies, team approach, problem solving and decision-making skills.


Cultural Awareness Seminar


This seminar is designed to educate employees/staff on understanding of cultures of staff members and co-workers and enhance communication, productivity and unity in the workplace


Resume/Cover Letter Workshop


Train participants the basics of resume and cover letter writing, step by step resume building, and the importance of effectively marketing their skills in the job market


Interviewing Workshop


This workshop is tailored towards training participants on interviewing skills, understanding "legal" and "illegal" interview questions, preparing for an interview and selling yourself at the interview.

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