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PADI's Overseas Affiliate -
David's English Training Center 

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David Dwight Lewis-Sirleaf – founder of David’s English Training Center is PADI’s overseas affiliate based in Briliu, Guangxi Province, China.  Mr. Lewis-Sirleaf, originally From Monrovia, Liberia was awarded a scholarship to China in 2008 to pursue an undergraduate degree in Petroleum Engineering. He successfully completed and obtained a bachelor of science degree in said field of study. Upon graduation in 2013, he returned to Liberia where he served as a liaison between the Chinese owned -  LC Natural Resources Company and the Government of Liberia, particularly the Ministry of Mines and

Energy, performing duties in the capacities of translator and manager of domestic affairs, from 2014 to 2018. He returned to China in 2018 to focus primarily on language teaching and training for Chinese school students and adults.

With said objective in mind, he Co-founded David’s English Training Center in 2018, offering online and offline English classes and workshops from kindergarten to advanced level. The center focuses on phonetics, reading, writing, grammar and speaking confidence in free flow conversations. From it’s founding in 2018,

the establishment amassed a steady growth in the number of students and trainees. Within less than a two-year period, the student population rose from about ten students at the beginning to more than 70 students in 2020. As a gifted student during his time in school, David understands strengths, weaknesses and shortcomings of each individual student and dedicates himself to helping each student realize their full potential.

A highly motivated professional; experienced in various capacities of education and training; fluent in English and mandarin, David’s ultimate goal is to help bridge the gap between China and the

western world. These efforts are not only limited to language but also cover cultural norms, social etiquette and basic skills .

As a person initially faced with the numerous challenges of language barrier and cultural differences during his first few years in an unfamiliar surrounding, he has a first hand understanding of the struggles met by trainees and hopes to make the transition much easier and smoother for those in similar situations.

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