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Meet the Founders

Princess Metuge 


Immigrated to the United States from Liberia to Providence Rhode Island in August 1999 as a transfer international student from the University of Liberia.  She continued her College education at Rhode Island College where she acquired a Bachelor of Science degree in Management in 2005.  She later enrolled at Regis University – Denver Colorado and obtained her 


Masters in Business Administration in 2009. Adjusting to the American Culture proved to be a challenge especially when one has no family member around to rely on for financial or emotional support.  She is no stranger to the numerous challenges immigrants and minorities face daily.  She comes with extensive experience in the fields of Higher Education, Professional Development, and Experiential Education.  Her passion lies in developing individuals professionally – emphasizing the importance of recognizing one’s strengths and overcoming challenges. 

She is currently the Assistant Dean at the University of RI Graduate School of Oceanography overseeing JEDI initiatives and co-teaches the Learning & Career Principles for Adult Students course. She previously worked at Rhode Island College Outreach programs for seven years as Program Coordinator for the Social and Human Service Assistant Certificate program.  Ms. Metuge was formerly Vice President elect for New England Association for Cooperative Education and Field Experience - NEACEFE; she is a member of Rhode Island Career Development Association - RICDA and serves on the Global Steering Committee at the University of Rhode Island.  Her passion is to give back to her community and country as a whole.  Most of her work involves educating individuals on professional development – providing the resources and tools needed to gain employment and achieve career goals.  Through her work at Rhode Island College Student Support Services and  Outreach Programs she came to realize the urgent need for successful professionals in the Adult educational fields of the State of RI that can identify with the needs of adult learners and BIPOC population within the State. Adult learners are better served when they are trained and supported by professionals who overcame similar challenges and obstacles they are currently faced with.  Seeing the success of other Professionals will ensure the success of those that are pursuing similar goals.  

Adriana Orozco


Immigrated to the United States from Medellin, Colombia in August 1999.  She received her degree as a public accountant from the University of Medellin and served in the accounting and financial sectors for 10 years. Given the economic situation as presented currently in her native Colombia, she decided that living


in the United States of America was the best option at the time. Coming to a new country, Adriana knew she had to adapt to a new educational and training system.  Learning a new language (English), was a challenge as with all non-English speaking immigrants.  Ms. Orozco had the opportunity to work at a radio station in the accounting department, and later was presented the opportunity to work at Rhode Island College Outreach Programs.  She served as bilingual recruiter and Financial Support staff, working with the Rhode Island community for seven years.  This experience allowed her to see more clearly the wide range of needs in the educational sphere with both the Rhode Island natives and the immigrants who converge from all over the world. This is how the desire was birthed in her to help the community by offering an educational institution where students can overcome barriers and put into practice skills they learned here and in their home country for better performance in work and family life. As an immigrant, she is committed to helping in the construction of our society academically and meet the current labor demands now and in the near future.

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