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Courses & Training Offered

Classes are also offered Online

Homemaker Training/Personal Care Assistant
Personal Care Assistant Training is designed to train individuals to provide quality daily living assistance to the elderly and disabled individuals.  The training aims to enhance the skills, knowledge, professionalism and competencies of individuals in personal care/homemaker roles or looking to assist individuals with daily living tasks like grooming, personal hygiene, brushing teeth or using the bathroom and basic housekeeping task like preparing meals, running errands and assisting with their laundry and also providing basic health services such as monitoring /checking vital signs and ensuring residents' health and safety at all times.
CNA Test Preparation Training
The CNA Prep Training is designed to help all learners, especially ESL students, get everything they need to prepare for their CNA exam. Students are provided with test taking strategies, practice tests and a comprehensive study guide to successfully pass the Certification Exam
Math and Science Classes


Designed to bridge the skill gap and enable students to improve their math skills necessary to perform at the college level.  We realize that there is an urgent need to provide this opportunity to students due to the low performance in the math and science disciplines from students in our target market.  The STEM program initiated through the Department of Education recognize the urgent need for students to acquire basic knowledge and a firm foundation in the fields of science, math, technology and engineering.  Studies have shown that students with a strong math and science foundation have increased chances of continuing on and persisting at the college level.

Job Readiness 


Students are trained on Job Readiness skills essential to compete in today’s job market.  Class is designed to equip students with the skills needed to become a professional, work successfully in a diverse work environment and build a professional profile.  Understand and learn resume and cover letter writing and job interviewing.  Internship training  and career assessment will be given to further assist students on choosing their career path/s.

Basic Customer Service & Office Skills

Good customer service is at the core of any successful organization.  While many job titles are changing, the most common job titles for office professionals still remain the same in most jobs in today's workforce. 

Additionally, acquiring skills with personal computers can increase students’ earning potential in administrative positions. Whether it is keyboard shortcuts and formatting tricks in Microsoft Office, or navigational and organizational tools in Windows and Mac operating systems, many administrative roles are acquired with a better understanding of how to use primary software tools.

Financial Literacy

Adequate management of money, income and expenses, helping individuals with their financial stability. Topics include budget development, income concept, cash management, credit, savings and retirement options.

Course Goals

This class seeks to promote the proper management of personal finances for a secured financial future, and improve students’ ability to financially improve their quality of life for their families and communities

Basic Computer Skills


Individualized approach to basic computer skills, computer software, and Microsoft office; emphasis on learning keyboard, shortcuts and navigating the internet

Course Goals

 Exercises and assignments are designed to allow students the opportunity to engage in assignments and activities that will improve their typing and keyboard skills, understand the basic functions of a computer, Microsoft office tools and applications. 

Spanish for English Speakers

Classes are designed for individuals looking to learn Spanish to be able to communicate clearly with Spanish speakers.  Students are taught at the beginner's level to enable them to understand clearly and respond easily and naturally

Basic English & Writing Skills

This course is designed to bridge the skill gap for adult learners lacking the essential basic English Grammar skills needed to succeed at post-secondary education and college levels. Exercises and assignments are designed to allow students the opportunity to engage in activities that will improve their understanding of the English Language, and basic rules of the English Language. 


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