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Student Services and Resources


The services and resources that PADI offers the student population are aimed at overcoming barriers related to educational success, and contribute to their educational and professional development. The student support services have a team of professionals, who are there to provide emotional, psychological and social support to adult students.  Staff at the support center will assist students identify  individual barriers and challenges  that may impede their academic and professional progress, and guide them to the relevant resources needed to help overcome these barriers and challenges. 

Academic Advising

 Qualified and dedicated staff work with adult learners, guiding them step by step towards their academic goals in the most efficient way possible.   Academic counseling is critical to the academic growth and sustainability of students in post-secondary education. 

Tutoring Programs

For adult learners to persist and graduate extra academic help is relevant.  Tutoring in math, science, English, financial literacy, and computer skills is provided to students requiring skill enhancement in these areas. 

Counseling and Case Management

Case Manager/Counselor evaluate and assess students’ abilities, strength, skills and interests in order to set attainable goals and a career path that is right for them.  They assist students with identifying resources needed to help them overcome numerous barriers adult learners face.  They also help students identify, manage and develop their social, behavioral, learning and cognitive skills

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