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Professional Adult Development Institute – PADI is a nonprofit Adult Education institution dedicated to providing quality education, training and professional development that will allow employers, working professionals and  adult learners to acquire essential skills needed to build and enhance their professional image and achieve their career goals.  We aim to bridge the educational skill gap for adult learners and enable them succeed in STEM focus careers at the college or University level, understanding that once given the needed resources and education an individual’s goal can be achieved. 

  1. Quality development of competencies in students through educational development and job readiness skills

  2. Provide workshops and training seminars to employers looking to build and grow their staff professionally in the areas of Leadership, Communications, Cultural Awareness and Cultural Sensitivity, Soft Skills and Team Building

  3. Bridge the educational skill gap for adult learners lacking essential required skills and education in the areas of College Writing, Math, Science and Basic English, that will allow them to succeed in post-secondary education

  4. Increase retention rates, academic achievement, development of skills and professional behavior in an integrated manner

  5. Increase academic persistence and graduation rates through skill building in Writing, Science and Math

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